Keynote speaker announced!

Calling all big thinkers to the RPA Assembly, the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region’s premier urban and regional affairs conference. Join us on April 25 to help shape a fair, prosperous, sustainable future for the tri-state region.

The Hon. Chris Murphy will address the RPA Assembly and outline his vision for improvements to infrastructure, economic development and quality of life in Connecticut and the region.


Each spring, RPA brings together more than 1,000 civic and business leaders from around the New York metropolitan area to discuss major issues affecting the prosperity and quality of life in the region. At this year’s RPA Assembly, speakers, workshops and interactive presentations will explore our initial research for the next regional plan and discuss how to create more livable, prosperous and equitable communities, protect ourselves from severe weather, and grapple with our fiscal and governance challenges.

About RPA

Regional Plan Association is America’s oldest and most distinguished independent urban research and advocacy group. RPA works to improve the economic competitiveness, infrastructure, sustainability and quality of life of the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut metropolitan region. A cornerstone of our work is the development of long-range plans and policies to guide the growth of the region. Through our America 2050 program, RPA also provides leadership in the Northeast and across the U.S. on a broad range of transportation and economic-development issues.